Contribution of Historical Materials

The Museum is actively looking for original historical materials that directly relate to World War II Aviation. The Museum’s collection of historical materials will be directly focused on those materials that will help reveal and strengthen the themes, topics, and stories that will be displayed in its core exhibitions.

The Museum is especially interested in objects and other materials such as:

  • Support and maintenance tools and equipment
  • Pilot Training materials
  • Pilot and aircrew clothing
  • Original maps
  • Photographs
  • Insignias, decorations, honors
  • Personal diaries, letters, and other manuscript or archival material
  • Aircraft directly related to the story of WWII aviation

Potential donors of historical materials are encouraged to contact the Museum with a description of the materials they are interested in donating. The Museum can be contacted at  Contributions Written inquiries should be addressed to:

National Museum of World War II Aviation
775 Aviation Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Like most museums the National Museum of World War II Aviation only accepts unrestricted donations of historical materials. All donors of historical materials to the Museum will receive a written deed-of-gift.

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